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Comedy Seminars

In addition to my presentation training for the nice business folk, I occasionally run a stand up comedy seminar for groups and some individual comedy coaching.


I will be returning to the National Youth Drama School this year. The kids are great, tutors excellent and this is a really nice endeavour to be involved with.

National Youth Drama School

"I have now worked professionally with Mike Loder for three years; in my position as Artistic Director of the National Youth Drama School, the leading course of its kind in Australasia.
As Stand-up Comedy tutor at the NYDS, Michael has been extremely successful. He is very popular with his young protégés, yet achieves excellent results in the 8 days he has to work with them. They all (aged 15-19, and very inexperienced) manage to perform solo by the end of the week, in front of a large audience. This is no mean feat, given the nerve-racking nature of Stand-up.
He manages to give them a host of skills; at the same time, instilling into them the necessary confidence and self-belief. As a colleague, he brings an infectious enthusiasm and fun to the team, which is relished by all."

Ken Keys

Morgan Williams So You Think You're Funny?

When Morgan Williams was a contestant on the TV show So You Think You're Funny? he got to choose a coach. He picked Mike. Naturally he won - the other broken pretenders voted from the island. What Mike made in side bets is nobody's business ...

I also offer a seminar to those interested in learning the skills of stand-up comedy:

The Complete and Utter Guide to Stand Up Comedy (Abridged)


This covers stage craft, generation of material, career planning, promotion, funding & sponsorship, touring, event management, TV, radio, festivals, securing work - public, private & corporate functions, agents and much, much more.




"A really insightful seminar that taught me a lot about the comedy industry in NZ, presented in a really accessible fashion. Very inspirational." - CT


"Definitely a solid foundation of information." - TL


"The perfect introduction to a career in stand-up. Invaluable info." - AR


"An intensive learning experience for comedians of all levels. If you want to know the inner workings of the comedy world this cant be missed." - TB


"Mike's seminar came at the right time for me to further develop my comedy. His insights filled many gaps in my knowledge and perception of being a stand up comedian." - JW


"A vast insight to each aspect of the comedy process." - JS


Please get in touch to enquire about the next seminar or private comedy coaching.

For young people wanting a crack at stand-up comedy (in a very well supported environment) try the Class Clowns programme during the big Comedy Festival. There are some great performance opportunities to be had and contacts made. 

Class Comedians 2007
Class Comedians Seminar in '07 - The girls in the back are gossiping...