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As an entertainer or host, Mike has an outstanding ability to interact with a very wide audience. From informal celebrations to black tie functions. His interactive style combines improvisation and tailored material. Delivered with a polished and professional edge.

"I laughed so hard I was choking."

Hon Lianne Dalziel, Minister of Commerce/Minister for Small Business

Mike will work with your event manager and venue to create the right mood and tone for your conference. Breaking down barriers and making the crowd receptive to your message and theme. Often incorporating your group into the show.

One of New Zealand's very best stand-up comedians, Mike Loder offers original material, bullet proof delivery and attention to detail that will provide the client a stress free experience.

Selling a message, as an MC, recharging conference goers or for after dinner entertainment.

"Mike entertained at our 2004 conference dinner. He proved himself to be witty, hilarious and a great story teller. His material suited our professional audience and he demonstrated abilities beyond that of a mere comedian with his skills, energy and personality."

Ann Hollway, Local Government Customer Service Conference

Mike’s flexibility has consistently exceeded expectations over one thousand performances in every situation. His several CD releases are uncompromising, but Mike tailors an appropriate set for equally memorable corporate functions.

Find out why Mike is the first choice for so many event producers. Contact him.

"The evening was a complete success, with a large part due to the hysterical performance of Mike Loder."

Bill Geradts, DVD Awards

"We recently had Mike Loder at Massey Rugby Clubs annual Luncheon where he did a stellar job of entertaining the guests, his 30 min set  was fantastic and the crowd loved it. Great job"

Michael Jones - Massey Rugby Club

"Mike was an awesome addition to the grand line up for the NZ Entertainment Awards. His quick wit and hilarious humour kept audiences riveted throughout his whole performance and left him with a standing ovation wanting more."

Georgina Mason, Event organizer

"Thank you for doing such a first class job at short notice at the IIAA seminar. The feedback from the day was excellent and this is great testimony to your ability, being able to entertain insurance people with your own brand of stand up comedy.

I have of course enjoyed your routines at various comedyfests and stand up clubs but I was particularly impressed with the way in which you picked up the tenor of the group and altered your routine to fit the corporate environment.

In the corporate sector it is usually the television comedians that rule the after dinner slots and very rarely are any entertainers able to command a presence during the business sessions of a conference. You have a unique ability to enter into this corporate market and introduce a new brand of corporate humour. Congratulations again."

Jim Hainey, Executive Director, Speakers NZ

"Sincere thank you for your presenting at our forum. With very little briefing and time to prepare, I was pleased at how perfectly you achieved the goals for the forum, to educate in an entertaining way. Feed back already received confirms that the message came across loud and clear, all were very impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of the topic matter discussed.

With two days to review a script and half an hour to meet and work with two other guests, the results were astounding - brilliant. I will gladly use your services at other events and functions and recommend you to my colleagues and friends.

Thank you for making the event such a wonderful success."

Raewyn Benge, Call Centre Forum Chairperson DMA Northern Branch

"Our clients were thrilled with the stand up comedy segment you provided at their end of year function and have been extremely enthusiastic with their praise. They were particularly impressed with your originality, which I'm told kept them in stitches throughout your "Hilarious" routine. Reports from our own staff confirm that you are indeed a very talented and very funny man!

Thank you for helping us out at such short notice. Your professionalism, flexibility and wonderful performance was greatly appreciated and made for a very memorable and thoroughly enjoyed evening. We have no hesitation in recommending or hiring your services in the future."

Sharon Tumbridge, Eventus Productions

"Hilarious. Mike Loder is a thoroughly professional comedian. Book him for your next event."

Arther Neely GMe, Vodaphone

"Notwithstanding his style [Mike Loder] was completely different from other comedians, we thought he was great. The various comments received to describe the evening have included 'Just wonderful', 'exceptionally entertaining', 'a brilliant night', 'a repeat performance in the future is a must' and various other complimentary remarks."

June Graham, Simpson Grierson Law, Auckland

"Mike Loder, was invited to be the guest speaker at the PWCOE Spring Conference dinner and gave a very good performance. Mike is a likable chap with a great sense of humour and his clever use of the information that he gathered from chatting to all the delegates, everyone enjoyed his show. Certainly made an impression on the folk that were there.  I'll bet you next year everyone will want to come to the conference dinner"

Helena Donoghue, Philip Wrightson Centre of Excellence


I can help add pace and energy to your industry journal, end of year address, training manuals, promotional literature, awards night script, annual reports, prospectuses, newsletters, training films and much, much more.

I will work with you and your ideas to create remarkable and memorable material.

I have written content for print, radio, stage and television. Everything from an international video address to scripting a talking robot visiting a trade show. I'm also fun to partner with as we work towards achieving your goals.

Together we can achieve the right tone, stay on message and have you and your company standing out.

"I needed strong one-liners with local flavour that would allow my company's Chairman/CEO to connect with top executives of a prospective new client in New Zealand.  I needed them on the mark and I needed them quickly.

For me to be able to sit at my computer a world apart from Mike and make a difficult, deadline-intensive request - essentially of someone I'd never met - requires a certain level of faith and trust.

Solving difficult challenges is always made infinitely easier when you work with true professionals.  And from my one-week stand with Mike, that's what he is!"

Greg Houston (Corporate writing)

"Mike's scripts alone are laugh out loud funny."

David Downs, Producer (TV / Radio)

"A major asset to any writing team."

Lee Baker, Producer (TV)

"We had Mike develop and head the writing team for the syndicated 'Cab ride to Destiny'. He is creative, hilarious and reliable. A real driving force behind the project."

thedownlowconcept (TV / Radio)

"When the Aussie Dept of Foreign Affairs decided to issue a travel warning for people visiting NZ there was no one better-placed to give us an eye witness report from dangerous downtown than Mike Loder....A fabulous piece of spontaneous comedy reporting."

Damian Rabbitt, Producer, 720 ABC Perth (Radio)

Your Comedy Trouble-shooter

I'm also available as a comedy trouble-shooter for your business - whatever your job may be. I seldom get the same enquiry twice so call and let me know how you think I can help.

Whether it be:

  • Making your promotional materials engaging
  • Producing your staff newsletter
  • Sharpening up your website content
  • Ghost-writing important presentations or reports
  • Concepts for memorable events - regardless of size or budget

One off projects or ongoing services.

Big or small.

I can help your firm employ appropriate humour for best effect.

Some of the Benefits of Humour in Business

  • It can help employees deal effectively with stress and change
  • It can help employees confront areas of concern without becoming defensive
  • It can help employees change established attitudes and 'Buy in' to new procedures and directions. Minimizing their resistance to change
  • It can help tackle sensitive issues while making them seem less intimidating
  • It can help promote a generally positive and energized working environment
  • Resulting in increased innovation
  • It can help make training fun
  • It can help reduce workplace stress, sick days and staff turnover
  • It can help improve communications and client relationships
  • Plus much more

Simple and often inexpensive solutions can have great effect.

In the past to many organizations have devalued the idea of laughter at work, seeing it as a distraction from getting the "real" job done. After all - Work isn't supposed to be fun.

You know if your team is achieving their goals. But if they are sharing the occasional laugh while they do it - that's a good indicator they are working near peek efficiency.

They will enjoy lower stress levels and better morale. They will be more likely to take initiative. They will be open to accepting and sharing ideas. They will be motivated, more creative in their problem solving and able to cope better under pressure.

Humour is another corporate tool that can produce very real benefits.

"A fantastic job!"


"Originally commissioned by Knight Coldicutt to write a comedy script as part of our 50th anniversary celebrations, Mike embarked on the project with such incredible energy and enthusiasm that he became immersed in the total package which also involved writing and producing a teaser video, pre-recording and live filming. His ability to hook into what we wanted to achieve and project manage the producing of the video made what could have been extremely difficult for lawyers to put together extremely easy and an awful lot of fun. He is versatile, flexible, professional, discreet, hilarious and gets everybody enthusiastically involved, even when they don’t want to be.  Besides, we’re intrigued about his 'thing' for llamas"

Kim Murdoch, General Manager, Knight Coldicutt

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