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Here is a wallpaper image to adorn your computer desktop.

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Available in a number of well-crafted sizes:

Audio samples from Live at the Covert:

Audio samples from Stingray:


Try as I may, I just don't get complaints. I really do want at least a few to prove that I am dangerous, relevant and edgy.  Finally a humourless Kim Hastwell took the time to invent offence. The Broadcasting Standards Authority wasted great time, energy and money - then said "No Kim, no". I may get it framed. Check it out.


Promotional Brochures

  • Funny Money (245 KB) - Fundraising for your school or club
  • Recharge (330 KB) - Boost your conference attendees
  • Live comedy (420 KB) - Pub comedy shows

Sample Introduction

Below is a sample introduction for your function's MC. It is a guide only, but please check before adding anything.

Radio Adverts

Mike can also develop, write and voice promotional work.

Including ones written in the studio two minutes before recording with a cup of tea but not even biscuits.

Technical requirements

Below is a guide to my show's technical requirements.

Please get in touch if you need different images / digital versions of show poster art etc.

Check back soon! There will be a large selection of MP3 clips and video available.

Mike Loder Publicity Photos

Click any thumbnail image below to download the full picture. These images are available for use in reviews, articles and client promotion without permission.  For any other use, please email  for permission.

Mike Loder Headshot 1
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Mike Loder Headshot 2
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A brochure on Mike can be Downloaded (365 KB) as a printable pdf.