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Yellow Dot How does Funny Money ™ work?

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Funny Money™ offers a unique and memorable fund-raising night. We hope your club, school or group will agree to take part. The idea is proven and simple.

Funny Money™ will produce a great two hour comedy showcase - your members simply sell the tickets that we supply. Half of the ticket price goes to your club's fund-raising aim, half to ours.

We suggest your club selects a specific fund-raising goal, for example uniforms, tournament fees, travel, the purchase of sports equip-ment, computers, etc. Once you have a worthy cause, pick a suitable date and let loose your hoards of ticket sellers.

For the larger clubs, a small percentage of members and their partners alone will fill the venue that Funny Money™ will arrange, unless your club or school has a suitable theatre itself. You group will meet its funding goals while supporting original Kiwi comedy.

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Yellow Dot What are your obligations?

Your only obligation is to sell 100 tickets. This base target makes the event organization worthwhile for the artists involved and puts a mimimum of $1000.00 in your hand. In our experience, the tickets go quickly. With supporters seeing more value in a great night out than an overpriced bag of lollies. There is no initial deposit required.

The deal is simple, fair and has no hidden costs or fees to cheat your group. The more tickets sold - the more money you make.

If your function is outside a major center we may require a higher guarantee of sales to cover travel and accommodation costs but there are still no added costs to you. The deal remains the same.

Any raffle or other money raised on the night is all yours. But we are happy to help make this work as well.

Likewise, any profits from beverage sales or other initiatives are yours to keep.

Yellow Dot What if we are a small group?

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For smaller clubs, a mix of members, their friends, the 'old boy network', a quick door knock or visit to the mall will still see a full house in short order. Often firms of all sizes will take books of tickets to treat staff to a fun night out.

Not only can a small club make the system work, but it is easy to do even at team level. Twenty team mates need only sell five tickets each and your job is done.

For the larger schools, Funny Money™ can even be promoting several fund raising evenings, for several different departments, at the same time.

This process takes little effort on the part of the club's organizers and members and will not be disruptive to your regular routine. When the sales workload is split, this is easy.

It's not a hard sell - Everyone loves to laugh!

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Yellow Dot Who will be performing?

The crème of our stand-up and improv talent. The award winners seen on the NZ International Comedy Festival galas, the stars of TV's Pulp Comedy and the very best of the pro circuit.

We will showcase a proven mix of very experienced performers with critical acclaim from shows around the world.

Yellow Dot How do we book?

Just get in touch with Mike at Funny Money™ and we will arrange a suitable date that doesn't clash with an All Black final. Then we send you the tickets to sell and we arrange the lot. The venue, the acts, the sound system if required, etc. We also help to publicize the event with local media.

You only sell the tickets, then sit back and enjoy the show.

Comedy just needs a spotlight, a sound system and people pointed at the performers. So if the event is staged in your school theatre or club rooms there will be no fuss or disruption.

Yellow Dot Can we cancel?

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Not after the event is booked and a date agreed. Once several acts are confirmed they then turn down other entertainment work on this day. If you cancel on them - the performers could be out thousands of dollars.

So there.

No unauthorised recordings please.

All enquires are very welcome.
Please get in touch with any questions.

Find out why we get so many repeat bookings!

Yellow Dot What happy folk have said

"Thanks so much for a great show. Everyone I've spoken to had a great time and really enjoyed the comedians. We really appreciated how easy it was to work with you and be able to pull off such a successful fundraiser."


"Absolutely, incredibly, fantastic... a fully enjoyable night."


"We all had a great time, the CD's were awesome, thanks a lot. Other people said:
'If it was on next week I'd come again.'
'It was great to go out and be entertained.'
'Its great on TV, but being there is even better.'
We all had an excellent time (and a Loder laughs), so a BIG THANK YOU for making this possible for us and organizing an excellent choice of acts for us to enjoy. Please thank them all for us."


"Mike Loder kindly donated his time and huge talents to Performers 4 Poverty's fundraiser last night. He was absolutely brilliant! The crowd were rolling in the aisles! His sharp dry wit and perfectly timed delivery had us all hanging on every word and had our bellies aching from laughing so hard ... we are all extremely grateful for his contribution to our charity and we just can't wait to see him perform again - a top notch performer!"

Appreciatively, Annie and the team at P4P 

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