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I only discovered graphic novels a few years back, never did the 'comics as a kid' thing. I loved some of the work I found. Smart, original and just great. My friend Tony introduced me to The League of Extraordinary Gentleman, Sin City and Hellboy. These were rapidly adapted into films.

I met Bendis when he was downunder (Lovely fella) and so read his Jinx, Torso and others. Very cool. Then I had more recommendations from friends. I found more and still more wonderful titles.

I knew quickly that I wanted to have a play in the medium but didn't know if I could get away with the stuff I planned to do. Then I read Preacher, 100 Bullets, Last Man and knew it wouldn't be an issue.

Right now I have way too many projects on the go and the attention span of a retard in a mirrorball factory. But I will get a lot more of my writing out in this medium in the near future. Here is where I am at now ...



Book one of the 'Jessica' graphic novel series is now ready for printing. Oh, for those new to sequential art a graphic novel is a 'Big Comic book'. Happy to help.

This will be around the 150 page mark, complete with the full colour bonus gallery. Main art by Christchurch based artist Steve Malley - Bonus material by Auckland artist Michel Mulipola - Cover art was provided by Tony Stowell.

Art for book two goes well. To be notified when this is available for purchase - please contact Mike.

What's it about? Not saying till the printing company starts churning them out. But the action is set in Auckland, New Zealand and expect sharp and dark ... The cover gives you a hint :-)

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Comma Cut

Comma Cut

Issue one of the Comma Cut spin of series was released at the Auckland Armageddon convention in 2005. This is a black comedy following the exploits of Paula - a wheelchair bound assassin. Mature content.

This series is based on one of the characters introduced in the 'Jessica' series. But I'm releasing the spin off first. I decided to learn to take a 30 page issue to print before the big Jessica project.

Main art is again by Steve Malley with bonus material from India Kalff, James Stewart, Craig Petersen and others.

The first several issues have now been written and Steve is slaving productively to bring it to life. Art for book two goes well - this will come out this year. Likely at the Auckland Armageddon con. To be notified when this is available for purchase - please contact Mike.

Warning! Very mature content. By 'Mature' I mean swearing and gratuitous violence.

Comma Cut Review from

Comma Cut #1 has a marginally higher page count - 24 compared to the 20 for Tour Girls #0. But oh, what a difference. Again the introduction explains that Comma Cut is a bit of a side-project for writer Mile Loder, allowing him to enjoy the satisfaction of shipping something out of the door as he toils on his 150-page graphic novel "The Jessica Project".

But Comma Cut is much more than a teaser or a throwaway pot boiler. It's as good a comic as New Zealand produces. Certainly the plot is fairly linear, but there is a plot worthy of the name. Paula is a wheelchair-bound murderess. She kills people. "But only for money. Nothing weird."

In issue #1, Paula lies in wait at the home of a rapist who avoided conviction. Paid by the victim's family, she drugs, tortures and interrogates the man, before the fatal conclusion. The conversation is naturally rather one-sided, but that's the whole point. This isn't a tale of conflict, it's simply a voyage of discovery.

It's hard not to instantly develop a fondness for Paula, our young, wavy-haired, deadly protagonist. She is a killer without mercy, and a breath of fresh air to the New Zealand comics scene. Welcome to the collective culture, Paula. I hope we see you again soon.

The closing page promises us a "Comma Cut #2", and I'll certainly be buying it if and when I come across it. Despite the story itself being black and white, the glossy pages, full-color cover and full-cover insert and high production quality make this a top-notch comic. Steven Malley's art is a simple but effective match for Loder's clear-cut story-telling. With an NZ $6 cover tag, this book is good value for money.

Thanks Mike, for restoring my confidence. I had begun to wonder if the NZ comic industry was dead. But I think I just found a pulse.

Artists Wanted

I'm also looking for new artists for upcoming projects. If you are keen, get in touch.

If I'm at a convention please feel free to rock up with your portfolio and say "hi".

I'm very keen to support as many different artists as possible and the books are looking the richer for it.

To Order Comma Cut

Issue one is available at Comic Book stores around NZ, including Gotham Comics or you can order here directly. Just sent a cheque for $7 (Including national delivery) to:

Mike Loder
P.O. Box 56 - 263,
Dominion Road, Auckland,
New Zealand.

Please print your return address clearly. If you are aware of writing like a monkey - have a girl do it. There writing is always neat.

Additional copies just $5 each.

Any problems, please get in touch.

To Order Book Art

For those wanting to purchase original art from either series, contact me with the page number and I will let you know if its still available.


Loder with a new muse at Wellington's Armageddon event. Thanks to Bill for the support. That's not Bill in the picture, he runs it.

Daft Kid

Kids are getting dumber

Armageddon was fun. I had good sales and 28,000 came through the doors.

In the last minutes of the com the other sellers and I were very tired and messing about. I got an empty coke bottle and added a sign reading: 'Replica Bobba Fett jet pack - $10' to amuse the last stragglers passing. It sold to a child immediately.

He then returned to ask if it was really a Replica Bobba Fett jet pack and if so, what was the stuff in the bottom that looked like Coke? I replied "Unused fuel" and he went away happy. Only to return and state that the friend's parent that had brought him along insisted that he return it because she didn’t think that it was genuine.

I'm not making this up. Too much discretionary income - too little education.