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Daft Kid

Kids are getting dumber


Armageddon was fun. I had good sales and 28,000 came through the doors.


In the last minutes of the com the other sellers and I were very tired and messing about. I got an empty coke bottle and added a sign reading: 'Replica Bobba Fett jet pack - $10' to amuse the last stragglers passing. It sold to a child immediately.


He then returned to ask if it was really a Replica Bobba Fett jet pack and if so, what was the stuff in the bottom that looked like Coke? I replied "Unused fuel" and he went away happy. Only to return and state that the friend's parent that had brought him along insisted that he return it because she didn’t think that it was genuine.


I'm not making this up. Too much discretionary income - too little education.