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2008 is a really busy year.

Here are some of the happenings ...


My first book came out in 2008. This was co written with friend and fellow comedian Terry Williams.

Liar Liar Mug

For more information on this book, please see my page on The Guide.

Or you can buy The Guide on Ferrit. For even more information see the Hachette Livre website. A large version of The Guide's cover is also available.

The Otago Daily Times and other have reviewed the book - see The Guide page to read these.

I have pitched two more book ideas and they were well received. Waiting to hear back from the publisher now. Can't say much about them for the moment - but I'm also writing the odd article here and there.


Most of my live work is for private corporate functions this year.

But I'm still doing a lot of fundraisers and the odd club gig to keep my hand in.

I seem to be doing a lot of debates lately as well and I'm really enjoying them.

Check out my Tour Dates page for more information.


I may look at staging my play 'Hot Ticket' late this year. Depends on other commitments. If I do, I want to give it the time required to promote the heck out of it. Look for it in a town near you. If you dislike parking wardens - you will love this.


I'm working on my first screenplay. It's called 'Safe Word' and I'm quite excited about it.

I'm told that 40,000 new screenplays are registered each year in the US and about 200 made.

So yeah. Time well spent.


TVNZ were nice enough to shortlist my sitcom 'Open Late'. We are waiting to see where this goes now.

Liar Liar Mug

I'm also pitching about some other ideas including the 'Liar Liar' game show. I recorded a demo episode and it was great fun. Worked even better than I expected. If this does get on air it will be a big hit and a joy to host.

The record night was a challenge to say the least. Among other issues, I lost the sound guy at the last second and a friend suggested Peter Kraan. He stepped in on no notice, fully equipped and did a great job. If you need a sound guy - Peter is your man.

I've also been guesting on a few panel shows like 'Out of the Question' for Touchdown - the home of reality TV in our fair land - and others. I do enjoy bouncing off others and done well, these shows can be great.

Graphic Novels

Gates McFadden

The first issue of Comma Cut is out and was well received. This is a bit of an experiment and I'm having fun with it. The second will be released at the next Armageddon pop culture event.

Bill is the producer and sometimes uses me to host his DVD award dinner. For those who don't know, I'm secretly a giant geek, so getting paid to have dinner with Buck Rogers while the holographic doctor from Star Trek sings with the band is way cool.

Hey ... Don't judge me! You don't know me!

The big project here is a 150 page graphic novel series called Jessica. Book one is done and book two is well under way. This just needs the artists involved to actually WORK and for me to save the tens of thousands required to get the series to market.

I wonder if Indonesia has sweat shops full of graphic artists ... Hmmm ...

For more details see the Graphic Novels page.


It was a big surprise that Radio NZ cancelled the hugely popular 'Off the Wire' show. This was great fun and always well received. I have a feeling that it will come back. Hope so.

"Off the Wire, that irreverent half-hour where four panellists reconstruct and deconstruct the news. Terrific. People laughed till their hernias hurt."

David Hill - NZ Listener

In the mean time I can often be heard spouting opinionated drivel as a commentator on various channels. Including Radio Live and with the delightful Jim Mora on his show.

Sometimes they give me biscuits.

I'm really enjoying the radio work that I'm doing and won't be surprised if I eventually wind up doing hosting somewhere.

Im also writing a murder mystery for radio.  Always wanted to do this. Stay tuned.


I'm very keen to have a play with pod casts this year.

I was going to broadcast 'The Loder Report' each month. My spin on the news and billed as 'The world's most trusted news source'. But work commitments in January prevented this.

Many thanks to the kind, goodly and very talented Larry Killip for providing the show's theme sting.

But I will definitely be having a play with some one off stuff.


I have been doing a lot of presentation training and this is a big hit. I will also be returning to the National Youth Drama School this year. Just a great bunch to work with. If you have a kid interested in the performing arts - send them here.

Mike's NYDS class 2007

The standard of the tutors is excellent and it's a great environment.

I may also run a day seminar for the kids participating in the Class Clowns competition during the Comedy Festival.

For more information on any of this see Comedy Seminars page.

The Future

Flying Car

Flying cars? I'm not sure.

For those that don't know, I wound up in a wheelchair a few years back. This required a BIG reassessment of where I was going with my career. When I say 'Reassessment' I mean 'Swearing a lot as my life goals fell apart around me and wondering what the hell happens next'.


But I found my stride again (Inappropriate metaphor) and this is now a weird but exciting time. I am throwing a lot of stuff out there and the path for the next few years really depends on what takes off first. I'm really enjoying knocking off many little projects that have been on the back burner for ages.


We shall see ...