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Crazy - Like A FOX

Ah... Fox news. What better way to instill confidence in the viewer than to have people waving behind the newsreaders and adding wacky sound effects as the headlines are announced? All class.

Oh sure... The needless graphics and shouted alerts about fuck all help. But someone standing in the rain, shaking a placard about beer as the presenters adopt their sincere faces to describe a train wreck... Sensitive.

I love watching several different news channels cover a major American regime failure and then go to Fox for the punch line. There is biased reporting, there is propaganda and then there is Fox coverage. Sadam's own PR folk would cringe at how blatant this circus truly is.

The American president could stand on the White House lawn and declare, "I hate niggers. I have always hated niggers and I will always hate niggers". Fox wouldn't miss a beat. Just be celebrating his 'Consistent leadership'.

They watch news clips of their president like proud parents on talent night at the retard school. "He got his words out! That's our special boy!". But credit where credit is due.... The Fox team know their spin. They could justify Darth Vader using the Death Star on Alderaan - just give 'em five minutes to throw round some ideas.

Speaking of proud parents - I have a new kitten. Within an hour of arriving it went straight to my other cat's litter box and did the business. Smart wee thing.

A friend's kitten also went directly to the litter box on arrival at his new home. Only it then played with a lump of shit it found there, left and urinated behind his couch. I imagine this is how the parents of pedophiles and Fox news presenters must feel.

"Look ! Our child is so... so.... Oh. We had such hopes..." The gay bashing gay presenter really gets to me. You know the one I mean. Couldn't be more gay. Well, let me qualify that....

If he was actually in the act of being sodomised by three men (One under, one above. A third with a really long cock just slipping the head of his dick in between the others) WHILE pulling off two others AND sucking off a sixth man WITH ropes of ejaculate swinging from his chin then MAYBE he could be more gay. MAYBE.

This is the one that keeps bagging homosexuals with a sneer on the lips that you KNOW were on a rent boy's cock within the last hour. I don't care where you stand on gay rights - not a passionate issue of mine - It just really offends me to see someone selling out his own. That's a very short step to "I know where a Jew lives".

There is also no line between commentary and news on Fox. Like listening to your loud uncle when he gets drunk and angry. For those who have not witnessed this crime against intellect, rent the 'Buttman' porn series. The level of interviewing is the same. "So Cinnamon, is this your first time eating out a girl on camera?" Fox MAY have the edge with better studio lighting. But the forty year old hooker claiming that she is "Just 18" is more believable than the Fox's tame Republican guest interviews. More like informercials.

You would think the street whores would make the jump to presenting on Fox but apparently say no. "I'll fuck for crack - but I need to look myself in the mirror".

Here is the anatomy a Fox interview: The presenter makes some insanely sweeping, unsubstantiated claim. The Republican interviewee then agrees and escalates this with even more insanely sweeping, unsubstantiated claims. These go unchallenged.

A sell out liberal selected for his weak chin is then given 30 seconds to go "Kinda, I guess" and we conclude with some crowbared in reference to how well one of the presenter's kids are doing. Job done.

I can't believe that the BBC are still living in the past with things like 'Investigating', 'Sources' and 'Verification'. Why not just wait for the morning memo from the network's owner? "Hi team. This is what we are thinking today..." The team then switch from hard news to inane banter about their weekends to crucifying some liberal who dared raise their head - with a casual viciousness. They are like Dehumanifiers. Just sitting in the corner of the room and draining any kind of kindness and reason from the atmosphere until their owners come and empty them each night.

Owned they are. Bought and paid.

I know that a handful of people control the vast majority of the American media. With that the will of the masses. But when the propaganda gets this lazy it's insulting. I expect those manipulating me to at least make an effort to conceal their contempt.

Fox is essentially one big faked orgasm for the Bush administration. "Oh God... Yes! You are doing SO well..... That's is SO good.... JUST like that..... THAT'S good".

But how is he going to get better unless America tells him what she really likes?

Mike Loder, 2006