Winner Comedy in Business Award 2007

What is RECHARGE!?

RECHARGE! is an award winning short, sharp shock of original and inclusive stand up comedy. It's designed to re-energize and refocus your conference attendees.

Mike Loder will quickly have your conference guests both laughing together and much more receptive for the presenters and training to follow.

No involvement is required from the audience; nobody is made uncomfortable, or embarrassed.

But RECHARGE! is far from passive. Mike's interactive and inclusive style soon involves the audience and breaks down inhibitions - before they are even aware it has happened.

Sad Folks

What does RECHARGE! offer?

Even the very best produced conference can find the attention of those attending waning at common times of the day.

RECHARGE! offers an intense burst of comedy that breaks up the day's important presentations and training.

Having a comedian appear in the middle of a day makes the audience feel like they are playing `hooky' from school.

The effect is well out of proportion to its duration. RECHARGE! will not intrude on your schedule, but increases the impact of your later presenters.

Another positive effect is the audience becoming less self-conscious and more open to stepping outside their normal comfort zones in any training that may follow.

If someone can arrive half way through a conference day, say "Hi" and make them laugh - the audience is emboldened. Trying something new or thinking a different way, suddenly seems more reasonable. Less intimidating.

You need only watch an audience leave a comedy club after the show. They are louder, energized and more animated than when they arrived. Inhibitions are shed and those around them reinforce that this is OK.

Interested Folks

RECHARGE! helps to create a fun and relaxed environment - very conducive to effective learning.

Often conference delegates will not know one another. Nothing brings a group together like laughing together.
Except perhaps nearly dying together.
But this is much more expensive to organize.

The message of your conference or your event's theme can often be incorporated into RECHARGE! But its main goal is to revitalize those attending your event.

To Mike's audience, RECHARGE! is simply a memorable reward.

"Mike did a great opening piece at our World in Focus event, got everyone giggling, laughing and smiling, set the tone for a great event."

John Wade FOCUS 2000


Duration of RECHARGE!

RECHARGE! is 15 to 20 mins of rapid fire comedy. It's original, critically acclaimed material, proven to make people all around the world laugh.

Mike Loder will work with your event manager to schedule RECHARGE! for best effect in the day's program.

What is required to stage RECHARGE!?

The standup comedy presentation requires only a microphone and an audience pointed at Mike.

There is little to set up, with no disruption to the conference venue and no organizing on the part of the client or event manager. They just say "Yes" to a booking. Hassle free.

A sound system is provided if required.

Laughing Folks

Are You Insured?

RECHARGE!is also an insurance policy.

If anything goes wrong during your event, Mike will just make that funny as well.

The best stand up comedy is flexible and fluid.

If there happens to be an incident at the conference before his presentation, Mike will acknowledge it, dismiss it, and it ceases to be a distraction for attendees.

If the breakfast was a disaster or the motivational speaker started crying on stage because he is in a "Bad place right now" - Mike can effectively reset the clock.

Will the content offend?

No. As with his after-dinner speaking, Mike will tailor the tone and material of the comedy to those attending. With enormous experience over the last decade (over 1000 performances in every situation), Mike knows how to recognize the make up of the audience.

Then make them laugh.

"The comedian was excellent - it was great to have some stand-up (or sit-down, in this case) and he managed not to offend anyone. Great Choice."

Deirdre Campion Peace Computers

Other options

For continuity, Mike can also celebrate the close of proceedings in the more traditional role of after dinner entertainment, with a performance at the conclusion of your conference.

How do we Book?

You can book Mike Loder directly, or through your preferred event manager.

You will find the RECHARGE! presentation is a very competitively priced investment.

Laughing Audience

Comedy is a powerful tool. If you have invested in the best presenters and trainers for your conference - make the audience as receptive as possible with



"There is no weak link. One of the most original comic minds I have seen in a long time."

Brent Butt, Urban Well, Vancouver

"Hilarious. Mike Loder is a thoroughly professional comedian. Book him for your next event."


"I used Mike’s Recharge presentation and was greatly impressed by his cutting humour, and also his wired and wonderful collection of funny characters who populate his jokes."

John O'Leary - Word Pictures Limited

Award Winner
Mike entered his Recharge presentation at the Business Awards in 2007. Naturally it won.
Here he is with the Hon Lianne Dalziel - Minister of Commerce and Minister for Small Business.
Just so you know that we don't make this stuff up.

Please note: A fee will apply should a confirmed booking be cancelled. Once an event is scheduled and a date agreed, other entertainment work is then declined on this day and income lost. No unauthorized recordings please. Thank you.

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