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by Mike Loder and Terry Williams

Review by Stephen Clark, Tomorrow's Schools Today

Simply put this is a guide to all sorts of things that teenagers need to or want to know about, from getting a job to how to kiss. The book is presented as a humorous read, but under the jokes lie some very important issues, helpful advice and good information. For example there is a very helpful section on smoking that makes you think right from the start why someone would start smoking. It covers things that people don’t usually think about like the costs of the habit and how being addicted to cigarettes will change you, as well as the usual health affects. More importantly, it has a comprehensive section on quitting and covers all the things you will go through when you try to quit.

Being a New Zealand publication, the help numbers in the book and other information is correct for New Zealanders. It is not a case of find a service that might be helpful when you read the book, only to find it is only available to residents of the US.

The most important thing about the guide is that it helps readers to make informed choices in their lives. It is after all a guide and like all guides, readers can make the ultimate choice of whether or not to follow it. The information in it, however helps readers to make choices on things by giving some information that is not readily available or might not be mentioned if they talk to friends, peers or parents.

In all this really is a helpful must read book for young and not so young adults to help guide them to making good decisions in life.

RRP $24.99

Published and distributed by Hachette Livre under the Hodder Moa title

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The Guide Review on National Radio

Part of the essential household resources - like a dictionary or an atlas ..."

National Radio Reviewer

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The Guide is getting some great reiews

"Can I say WOW?? Where was this book when I needed it 30 years ago? I have now passed it on to my son (22) - he's not really a reader, however he's being reading it for a week now and even shown it to a friend. I laughed and I cried, and I also learnt some very interesting things. Love it."

Kate Lyon


LIANZA Children’s Book Awards: "We would like to make special mention of 'The Guide' by Mike Loder and Terry Williams.  This self help guide for young adults is comprehensive and honest with loads of useful information.  It is pleasing to see a book of this sort which is applicable to New Zealand".

Elsie Locke - category Judges Report

The Guide: How to Kiss, Get a Job and Other Stuff You Need to Know
Loder, Mike and Williams, Terry

This light hearted, well laid out guide offers teenagers the confidence to take a big stride both into adulthood and towards achieving their dreams. The authors are both comedians so humour plays a large part in their sensible advice which is divided into chapters; You, Home, Relationships, Community, Great Big World, And 'Action!'. There is information about getting a driver's license, job seeking, avoiding cons, the big OE, alcohol and drugs, flatting, pets, voting, cooking, dealing with anger (and how to block a punch), lobby groups, grooming and much more. There are also tips, facts, and website references.

Paperback  304 pages  09/2008   NZD$24.99

Review from New Zealand Books Abroad

"Thank you for creating a resource that provides answers to questions I had during adolescence and thank you for improving my knowledge base. We have a resource library at FYD and your book is now an important component of it"

Victoria Hood, Foundation for Youth Development

"I showed it to 3 boys - 16-18 - and they all liked it and laughed a lot. Comments included: Funny / interesting / good useful information carefully concealed in the humour / good advice / how to shave was good / very up-to-date."

Jane Shallcrass, Librarian, Wellington High School

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