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Total Presentation

Why a presentation coach?

The very best athletes employ specialist trainers to make the jump to the next stage in their careers. Do you think Tiger Woods learned golf from a book? Or a coach? Total Presentation can dramatically advance your communicating skills as well.

My clients all have different levels of presenting skill. Your training is totally customized according to your specific goals. To your timetable. At your pace. Whether you be a first time speaker or a pro wanting that extra edge and advantage.

Even the very best presenters need another set of eyes. To help them see what they themselves can't see.

With this tailored, personalised mentoring you will learn what you need - when you need it. Be it a one off day's training or ongoing advice on specific projects. The sessions are stress free, fun but intensive. Every technique is relevant, practical and immediately applicable. No fluff. Little theory.

Total Presentation is normally employed with a specific project in mind. But the skill sets you learn will be used for life. Invest in training to deliver a razor sharp annual address - that's what you will get. But every memo you pen after will also benefit.

For rapid learning over a limited time - Nothing beats the immediate feedback, motivation and support of a personal coach.

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What is Total Presentation?

This is much more than a seminar on public speaking. I will work with you to polish every aspect of your personal performance and material if required. Nothing you do or fail to do during a presentation is neutral. It either detracts from or benefits your performance.

You will lose every bad habit, replacing them with effective ones.

Stage Fright?

Many studies rate 'Fear of public speaking' as the number one answer to what those surveyed were most afraid of. That's over death. I develop people from stage fright to total confidence.

I have taken clients from being the worst shrinking violets to being the first to volunteer for a presenting task. Continually seeking assignments that would have terrified them before. Now simply seen as opportunities to help them get noticed. To aid in their professional and personal growth.

Enjoy total confidence as you step to the podium.


Your coaching is completely confidential. Trust is a vital part of our relationship. Our sessions become a totally safe place to share your goals and ideas. To experiment. To brainstorm and workshop your presentation and concepts. From this honesty comes increased self-awareness, rapid upskilling and growth.

I have no other agenda. I can and will be totally honest in my objective feedback. I'm an advisor with only your progress in mind. For many clients this will be a new and unique situation - Where new and unique realizations can emerge. Breaking down barriers to reaching your potential.

Simply put, I can help you risk and develop as a presenter where nobody else is judging or assessing or reporting back to anyone but you.

Why learn from a comedian?

Comedians need to be able to engage an audience in any situation, read them, then make them laugh. Capturing their undivided attention and keeping them in the moment for the duration of the performance.

Everyone has a friend who "Can be so funny". But comedians need to do the business every time - on demand. Regardless of mood or personal situation. You can also learn to turn on a captivating presentation whenever - wherever.

If you are serious about your business - talk to a comedian.

Humour is a powerful tool

Thirty seconds of commercial airtime at the Super Bowl costs advertisers the better part of four million kiwi dollars - and rising. Why do so many companies invest in comedy for these golden minutes?

Because these experts know that it will grab attention and lock information into the long-term memory.

Does that sound like what you are trying to do with your message?

Be ready

When you undertake to perform for an international, national or corporate conference, the image and reputation of your business go on show for all to see. You need to know your have left nothing to chance. With Total Presentation - you haven't.

Other courses can help you act like a better communicator - I can help you become a better communicator. In all you do. It will feel natural and right because I develop you - I don't try to crowbar you into an existing program.

How soon can I get help?

If you need help - call now. You wont be the first panic call I have received - you wont be the last. If I can help, I will. But as much notice as possible is great - so I can book around my other commitments.

Then we talk about your goals, you send me your material for review and then we meet to begin your coaching. From tricks of the trade to the mental game.

Let's Talk

Interested? You are very welcome to just call for a chat. Talk over your needs and budget and lets see if I can help. The right coach can take speakers from forgettable to outstanding. Lets see if we click.

Professional Speakers?

If you are an expert in your field and want to speak professionally on the international conference circuit - lets talk. I wont try to turn you into a comedian - but I will help you add laughter, pace and energy to your script. While giving you the skills to go head to head with the best speakers.

Remember - Your investment in my training will likely be less than the fee from your first booking.

Total Presentation will show you how to:

  • Relax your audience - Disarming any negative attitudes and making them receptive to your message.
  • Establish rapport with your audience - Next to credibility - likeability is the next most important thing in getting your message across. Make them feel talked WITH not AT. You will connect.
  • Engage your audience - Capture their attention. Stand out from other speakers.
  • Keep them engaged - The typical businessperson has an attention span of 6 minutes. Even THAT is with only general attention. The average listener can take in words up to four times as fast as you speak. You need them focused on you - your message - not drifting and pondering the lunch options. Your audience must be constantly re engaged to keep their interest. I will show you how.
  • Control the room - Handle any disruption or technical issue with aplomb. Things can go wrong. But you will be prepared - having anticipated challenges to your presentation. Also confident that you can handle the unexpected, the unpredictable and not miss a beat.
  • Have your audience retain your message - Humour is a massively effective device in helping your audience retain information. In one university test alone - students proved 15% higher exam results when humor was used in lectures. Your message will have impact.
  • Be remembered well by your audience - A large part of securing new business, great working relationships and partnerships is, again, sheer likeability. Skillful application of the comedy toolbox combined with slick presentation ensures that you are not only remembered - but also remembered well. With a smile.
    As someone others will want to work with. Someone they are open to expressing their ideas with and receptive to your own.
Mike Performing

I also offer intensive half and full day seminars for your team. Again, customized to fit your specific needs. There remains the option of follow-up sessions and individual coaching for participants where required.

"Large or small - I have never seen an event that couldn't be enhanced by comedy"

  • Engage
  • Capture
  • Connect
  • Be remembered